Op-Ed: The Rising Tide of Flood Technology

While Iowa Citians somehow escaped the brunt of the most recent torrential rainstorms to cause millions of dollars of property damage across Eastern Iowa, some cast wary eyes upon a river that’s just one bad downpour from another catastrophic overflow, recalling its destructive swelling just two years earlier and begging the question: What can we do to stop flooding?


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Flooded Expectations

Features: April 2010 – Spring: sunshine, green grass, flowers, warmth–and rain. This year all of us who weathered the floods of 2008 are watching the rainfall amounts and the thawing rivers north of us with a trepidation we never felt before those fateful days in June. The flood decimated the arts campus of the UI, […]

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Rubbed Raw

I often find myself examining my hands because I’m unaccustomed to these marks. I have, what one of my uncles once called, a cushy desk job. I am a data analyst, spending most of my days at a computer or in meetings, not working with my hands the way others do. I am probably one […]

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UR Here: Flood Stories

As our community continues to recover from our greatest disaster ever, flood stories are piling up like sandbags near the riverbank. Personal stories of homes destroyed, of the kindness of strangers, of grit and determination, of remarkable generosity, and of watery amazement are all entering the annals of our community experience and history. I’d like […]

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Iowa City Weekender: July 3-7

Welcome to July and another Iowa City Weekender. We’re expanding this week’s edition to include Monday in order to highlight a Dan Bern flood benefit in Iowa City (details below). If you’re downtown this weekend, there’s no escaping the Iowa City Jazz Festival. But who would want to? It’s Christmas in July for music lovers. […]

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