Iowa City Weekender: December 13-15

Hello and welcome to another edition of the Weekender. This weekend we get to watch one of our favorite downtown establishments turn 50 years old, raise some money/awareness for some our community’s non-profits and spread some Christmas cheer, all with a backdrop of super Iowa music. As another semester comes to a close, I hope […]

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Iowa City Weekender: December 15-17

Hello, and welcome to the Weekender! As the semester begins to wrap up for the university, the town starts to shift into slight hibernation for a week until it pops back into full form for the coming new year. This weekend will be your last chance to get out before the hibernation begins, so make […]

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Show Photos: Englert Theater's Festival of Carols – 12/16

Last night the Englert Theater held their annual Festival of Carols. This free, family-friendly show drew a full theater of folks eager to kick their holiday spirit into high gear. This event was one of the most diverse I’ve seen here, in relation to age. Families with kids, college students, couples and seniors sat side […]

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