‘The way things are is not sustainable’: Faculty Forward Iowa and the state of organized labor

The Iowa Board of Regents thought the public comment period at its April 18 meeting was finished. They were wrong. As Board President Michael Richards announced comments were closed, several people wearing the bright orange T-shirts of Faculty Forward Iowa (FFI) approached the microphone set up for public comments in the University of Iowa Leavitt […]

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Faculty Forward Iowa and UI agree to new benefits for non-tenure track faculty

Non-tenure track faculty at the University of Iowa will finally receive some of the same standard benefits as their tenured colleagues do, thanks to an agreement between the university administration and Faculty Forward Iowa (FFI). “The new policy, which starts on Sept. 1, gives us some much-needed benefits,” said Faye Bartram, visiting assistant professor of […]

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UI President Bruce Harreld finally meets with non-tenure track faculty protesting working conditions

A basement room in a police station isn’t typically the setting for negotiations between equals, but that’s the location University of Iowa officials chose for their Wednesday morning meeting with members of Faculty Forward Iowa (FFI). FFI, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union, represents members of UI’s non-tenure track faculty seeking better working […]

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