Megan Gogerty will headline the Emma Goldman Clinic’s Annual Choice Event on Saturday

Megan Gogerty will be the keynote speaker at the Emma Goldman Clinic’s 2020 Annual Choice Event, the clinic announced on Monday. Actually, the clinic’s press release refers to Gogerty as “the keynote speaker (and performer).” Gogerty’s performance will be “based on the theme of ‘What Would Emma Do?’,” according to the clinic […]

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Emma Goldman Clinic, one of the first and last feminist women’s health clinics in the U.S., faces fresh challenges

The passing of a controversial anti-abortion bill in the Iowa Senate on May 2 — signed by Kim Reynolds on May 4 — puts the future of reproductive rights in jeopardy for many Iowans. As opponents plan to take up this fight with the courts, groups such as the Iowa City-based Emma Goldman Clinic (EGC) will continue providing education and services. […]

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