Theatre Cedar Rapids sinks its teeth into ‘Dracula’

Though the recent resurgence of zombie hordes both on- and off-screen may be giving vampires (in general) a run for their money, no one character has been immortalized as often as Dracula. And if TCR’s ticket sales are any indication, this lone monster and his violent delights still have a powerful hold on our collective imaginations. […]

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ICCT’s ‘Dracula’ continues into its second weekend

Iowa City Community Theatre Presents: Dracula Johnson County Fairgrounds — through Oct. 30 Perhaps the quintessential story in the horror canon, Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula has gotten countless treatments from a wide variety of sources over the past 119 years. Everything from cereal and Sesame Street to faithful films and spin-off comic books have […]

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