Trump supporters shame Jack Trice (and all of humanity) at Jack Trice Stadium

History doesn’t always repeat itself, but sometimes there are frightening echoes. Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa, racist supporters of Donald Trump made clear that the memory of the martyred football player Jack Trice has all but been forgotten. Trice, who’s father had been a Buffalo Soldier and slave, was the first black […]

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God help us all: Trump, Rubio, Walker and Paul to tailgate the Iowa-Iowa State game

Joined by fellow GOP candidates Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Rand Paul, presidential hopeful (and national enigma) Donald Trump will visit Ames, Iowa this Saturday to tailgate before the Iowa-Iowa State football game. Just imagine: hordes of drunken, near-rabid football fans descending upon Ames for one of the most bitter in-state rivalries in the country, only […]

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