319 Fest will present 70 artists — including Davenport’s Soultru, fresh off a new release

In 2016, Cedar Rapids’ 319 Fest took a year off. Their goal was to refocus, redevelop. Organizers changed the location of the festival, and were determined to make it always free, organizer Jason Zbornik said in an email, “in hopes that it would allow more people access to new original music.” Now in its third year back […]

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Daytrotter to host inaugural music festival in 2016

Davenport Downs

Quad Cities-based music website and recording studio Daytrotter announced yesterday that it will hold an inaugural music festival in Davenport on February 18-20. Daytrotter Downs, named for an old East Moline horse track, will be held in venues across the city, including the Adler Theatre and Daytrotter’s own Renwick Building. It will bring together twenty-five to thirty bands […]

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