Coralville City Councilmember says he has ‘zero tolerance’ for Black Lives Matter, calls it ‘a bunch of criminals’

During the public comments period of the Coralville City Council’s Tuesday Zoom meeting, multiple residents inquired about the city’s efforts to oversee and potentially reform the Coralville Police Department, as protesters have demanded. Twice, Councilmember Tom Gill interrupted responses to these questions from his fellow city councilmembers by pointing out there was a work session slated to discuss issues of racial justice following the meeting. […]

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Iowa Freedom Riders lead a march to Coralville, peacefully encounter state troopers blocking access to I-80

What didn’t happen during the protest led by the Iowa Freedom Riders (IFR) on Thursday night was almost as important as what did. More than 200 people marched to Coralville from the Pentacrest, and they encountered no resistance when they […]

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Coralville is quiet, one glass panel is broken in Iowa City as protests over racism and police violence continue

People gathered in front of the Coralville Police Department on Monday to protest racism and police violence, and express solidarity with others around the country moved to action following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. Some held […]

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