Library users in Johnson and Linn counties will see increased wait times for new ebooks as a major publisher restricts access

Starting on Nov. 1, wait times to borrow some new ebooks from public libraries will get longer — in some cases, significantly longer — as publishing giant Macmillan imposes new limits on the number of copies of its ebooks libraries can loan. Public libraries will only be able to purchase one copy of a book during the first eight weeks after its publication […]

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Cedar Rapids’ Carnegie Library was one for the books

My wife believes there are too many books in our house. I, on the other hand, am quite sure there are not enough. When I imagine what “enough” might look like, I call to mind the first floor of the Carnegie Library in Cedar Rapids — my first library and the place, it seemed to me as a small child, where all the books in the world were housed. […]

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