Dreeam Sports is launching a mentorship program for at-risk kids in Cedar Rapids

Dreeam Sports is starting its second year of working with young people in the Cedar Rapids area by launching a new mentorship program. Brandon Jackson started the nonprofit in February 2019 to help make sports affordable for kids in Cedar Rapids. He added the extra “e” to Dreeam to emphasize the importance of “exceeding expectations,” Jackson told Little Village. […]

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Michelle Martinko’s murder ‘haunted’ the Cedar Rapids community for 40 years. Now, her suspected killer is set to go on trial.

Dec. 19, 2018. Like every year, local news stations ran anniversary pieces describing the cold case of Michelle Martinko, an 18-year-old woman stabbed to death in Cedar Rapids in 1979. The facts of the case were recounted. A tip line scrolled across the bottom of the screen. The weather report would be next, and Martinko’s story would be […]

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Cedar Rapids has banned alcohol in Greene Square Park, and is considering bans on drinking and smoking in all parks

Changes are coming to the oldest park in Cedar Rapids. Starting Saturday, alcohol will no longer be permitted in Greene Square Park. The city council unanimously approved the ban at its July 10 meeting. The vote came one month after Cedar Rapids Police Chief Wayne Jerman announced plans to install security cameras in the park, […]

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How will the new texting while driving law be enforced, and what are your rights?

Driver's Ed

It’s been called a texting ban, but the new law impacting Iowa drivers and their phones goes beyond just texting. As of July 1, drivers are prohibited from viewing “images visible on the screen of a hand-held electronic communication device” including texts, instant messages, emails, games or websites. Viewing GPS information, as well as emergency traffic and weather alerts is still permitted. […]

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