4/20 in 2021: Iowans have come around to cannabis, but state and federal lawmakers are straying from their pot promises

The latest Iowa Poll from the Des Moines Register and Mediacom revealed several areas in which public opinion conflicts with state legislators’ priorities, from passing an anti-abortion amendment to the Iowa Constitution (opposed by 58 percent of respondents) to shortening early voting periods (52 percent were against), to slashing unemployment benefits for laid-off workers (of […]

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Letter to the editor: The sick and suffering deserve access to medical cannabis

I am writing in support of the use of cannabis for the sick and suffering people in the state of Iowa. I myself am in constant pain from being injured several times in car accidents. I also have childhood trauma, with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. I know there are others that suffer far worse than me, and I am writing for them also. I feel like we have such a high cancer rate in this area from the ammunition plant in Middletown and the run off from farmers polluting our water. […]

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