Best of the CRANDIC: Wilson’s Orchard and Farm is welcomed into a new agrihood

In summer, there’s raspberries and strawberries, cherries and tomatoes, apples and blueberries. The apple season carries over into fall, along with pumpkins and blooming flowers. From above, the lines of orchards and plantings crisscross over 90 acres. Wilson’s Orchard and […]

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Best of the CRANDIC: Comedian Travis Coltrain on what prepared him to bomb

This year’s Best of the CRANDIC winner for Best Stand-Up Comedian graduated from the University of Iowa in 2021, where he took Megan Gogerty’s stand-up comedy course and worked as a DJ at student radio station KRUI. These days, he […]

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Best of the CRANDIC: CommUnity CEO Sarah Nelson on how the 988 lifeline ‘changed everything’

Sarah Nelson is a graduate of Iowa City West High and the University of Iowa. She led Foundation 2 in Cedar Rapids before taking over as CommUnity Crisis Services’ CEO in 2021, and can now say she’s overseen the only […]

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