LV Recommends: Bashu’s twice-cooked pork

Photo by Adam Burke

We sat down to lunch at the newly opened traditional Chinese restaurant Bashu. The waitress brought us a pot of oolong and my buddy, a native Iowan, said, “How do you know if somebody is from New York?” “I don’t know, how?” I said, pouring him some tea. “Oh, don’t worry,” he said. “They always […]

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Chinese restaurant to open in former Linn Street Cafe space next week

A new Chinese restaurant will be on the scene soon with Bashu opening in the former Linn Street Cafe space (121 N. Linn St.) next week. The owner, Sue Zheng, said the restaurant plans to open on Wednesday. According to Zheng, Bashu will offer traditional Chinese cuisine. The featured dish will be a “spicy crab […]

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