Iowa City’s first Archives Crawl will highlight history and artifacts

Hosted by the Obermann Center, Saturday’s crawl will draw the eye to hidden gems and tease the center’s upcoming symposium Against Amnesia: Archives, Evidence and Social Justice, starting March 1. […]

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UI symposium Against Amnesia: Archives, Evidence and Social Justice draws top scholars

Human memory is a tricky thing. It’s all too brief: How well can you recall your grandmother’s voice? Did your best friend in elementary school have green eyes or blue? It’s fickle, too: Your high school locker combination may be etched in stone while your ATM card PIN continually eludes you. And it’s notoriously unreliable: studies have shown that even the clearest memories formed during high-stress events are often flat out incorrect, and that each time you bring an old memory to the surface, you risk smudging it as you refile it again. […]

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