The Rainy Day Plan

Active Life: April 2010 – The snow has melted and the temperatures are rising slowly. Spring is definitely here, and with it comes that need to emerge from winter hibernation. That first nice day brings people outside in droves. Iowa City’s bike trails are filled with a constant traffic of walkers, joggers and bikers. But […]

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Do it for your head: de-stress

Stress is rough. Between home and work, there are countless things to be responsible for doing, knowing and staying on top of. Outside of that are demands from family, friends and other relationships. All those stresses are enough to make one’s head spin. Sometimes stress is a symptom, and it’s important to learn to deal […]

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Fitness, meet food

The Obama’s are doing it, so shouldn’t we do it too? In case you’re in the dark and missed the First Lady digging around on the White House lawn in March, gardening is in the spotlight this year. Of all the reasons to grow your own food, health of the environment and your own body […]

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