Little Village magazine issue 279: Feb. 19 – Mar. 3, 2020

Little Village issue 279

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In 2018, Royceann Porter became the first person of color elected to countywide office in Johnson County. But from her first job in Iowa 30 years ago at a Washington slaughterhouse, to taking the Iowa City Police Department to court in 2011, Porter’s path to politics was far from smooth. Also inside: A review of Vivian’s Soul Food, fresh off their move to a new space in Cedar Rapids; a preview of the Dandelion Stompers’ raucous annual Mardi Gras show; an interview with Floodwater Comedy Festival headliner (and star of viral videos in which she plays a parody of her mom) Alyssa Limperis; and a star-crossed love story — in Spanish and English! Plus: A new relationship question for Kiki, and local album and book reviews.

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