Little Village Eastern Iowa issue 316: March 2023

Little Village issue 316
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Mission Creek Festival is coming in early April, and Little Village can’t help but get hyped. In this issue, LV’s new Arts Editor Isaac Hamlet interviews MCF up-and-comer mars hojilla while Sarah Elgatian looks over the literary lineup (dominated by queer women of color, including Crying in H Mart author Michelle Zauner), and Kembrew McLeod explores the local artists that make MCF an eclectic, oddball, community-building affair every spring.

Also in this issue: To legalize or not to legalize? For conservative lawmakers, the choice is whether to follow federal regulations and continue to condemn marijuana as a dangerous “gateway drug,” or open the doors to a new industry, the likes of which netted Illinois nearly half a billion dollars in tax revenue last year — admitting in the process that a century-old set of laws may be outdated. Well, it’s 2023, and cannabis reform continues to be a no-go in the Iowa Legislature. But it wasn’t always like this, and the leader of Iowa’s “free the weed” organizing efforts is determined to see a more pot-friendly Iowa again. Plus: A review of Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant in Coralville, part two of Summer Santos’ musings on machismo, an essay on the nuances of being called “strong,” and a brand-new humor column that’ll feel like a blast from the past for longtime IC/CR townies. And also! — Iowa-born and Nashville-based country darling Hailey Whitters can’t wait to get her hands on a pork tenderloin and the mic at Wildwood Smokehouse & Saloon on March 30 before her career takes a giant leap forward.