Little Village Central Iowa issue 12: March 2023

Little Village issue 12
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The 146-year-old Hoyt Sherman Place is home to a spritely 100-year-old theater capable of hosting an audience of 1,250 under its Victorian dome. A space this integral to Des Moines history isn’t a bad match for the GDP Festival, the Des Moines Music Coalition’s annual one-day, all-Iowa music-palooza. Their 2023 fest on April 15, presented in part by Little Village, will feature performers such as The Envy Corps, B.Well, Annalibera, James Tutson, Geneviève Salamone and Salamone collaborator and Drake alumna Lani, who sat down for an interview with Arts & Culture Editor Isaac Hamlet. In this issue, Isaac also gets to know new Des Moines Art Center Director Kelly Baum, while John Busbee gets hyped for the DSM Book Festival, Summer Santos finishes her musings on machismo, and local breweries and pubs prepare to bless patrons with Irish-style beers.

Plus: To legalize or not to legalize? It’s 2023, and cannabis reform continues to be a no-go in the Iowa Legislature. But it wasn’t always like this, and the leader of Iowa’s “free the weed” organizing efforts is determined to see a more pot-friendly Iowa again.