44 reader-submitted photos featured in Little Village’s 2022 Arts Issue

The January 2022 issue of Little Village magazine features photos submitted by readers and selected by LV Art Director Jordan Sellergren that help contextualize our present and offer hope for the year ahead, from the cornfield to the dinner table to the town square.

“Recently I have become fascinated with the vultures that gather in the summer months at the Coralville reservoir. Though associated with death, these birds are clearly intelligent, with unique markings and personalities that make them easy to distinguish from one another, if you’re looking — not unlike human beings.” — Jonathan Hansen
Reframing memories from my youth — Tyler Erickson
Midwest barn — Rachel Loberg
Amish buggy in a snowy field — Pete Hendley
Two Amish women and horse — Pete Hendley


UP4014 conductor, Mason City — Johnny Brian


BLM protest, 2020 — Cameron Johnson


Iran protest, 2020 — Cameron Johnson


Ben Partridge
Tyler Erickson, Reframing memories from my youth, Southwest Iowa
Reframing memories from my youth, Southwest Iowa — Tyler Erickson
Reframing memories from my youth, Southwest Iowa — Tyler Erickson
Reframing memories from my youth, Southwest Iowa — Tyler Erickson


BLM protest, 2020 — Pete Hendley
Lake MacBride during the deep-freeze winter of January 2020 — Luc Puis


A Boy and His Dog — Johnny Brian


Windmill on the corner of Taft and 560th, Lone Tree — Jarrett Leake
To the man on the bike in my favorite neighborhood — Chad Rhym
Sean Tyler — Amir Prellberg
Winter view in Big Grove Preserve — Brian Johannesen













Bus terminal skywalk in downtown Cedar Rapids — Jack Bassett
Calvin Hall hideaway — Jane Kirsch
Cobravette in transit on Gilbert Street — Jason Smith/Little Village
An industrial winter dusk, February 2021, Quaker Oats — Jav Ducker
White moth and dark leaves, September 2021, Palisades — Jav Ducker
Wet floor, caution — Pete Flynn


Math confusion — Mary Palmberg
Sunset swish: tail in the late-day sun — Mary Palmberg
Woven in the light — Kristel Saxton







Late September gravel — Tricia Brown
I-74 bridges, Rock Island — Jeffrey Carl


Centennial Bridge, Rock Island — Jeffrey Carl
Hidden rabbit — Emma Descourouez


Sophistication — Julia Brough


Dan Padley and Jarrett Purdy — Elly Hofmaier




The hummingbird and the bee, Manville Heights — John R. Moyers


A boy surveys the scene from atop a man’s shoulders — Sara McGuirk


Grandma and Grandpa Green visit Baby Ellis for his first birthday — Monique Galpin


Day 206 — Johnny Brian


BLM protest, 2020 — Cameron Johnson


A lone golfer — Jersey Bilyeu


Autumnal equinox silhouette — Annie Chapman Brewer


Light installation — Adria Carpenter/Little Village


The bee’s knees: a bumblebee on a hyssop plant — Owen VanderLinden


Vulture portrait — Jonathan Hansen




These images were originally published in Little Village issue 302.

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