Little Village Central Iowa 005: August 2022

Little Village Eastern Iowa 005
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Tucked away on a grassy knoll, its copper dome dented by stray golf balls, its limestone doorway carved with the signs of the zodiac and its passageways allegedly haunted by late astronomers, the Drake Municipal Observatory has been a strange and fascinating presence in Des Moines since 1922. But with funding for the observatory scarce, its longtime lecture series may be coming to an end this fall. In this issue, Little Village explores the cosmos, profiles face-melting Tama metal band Rehtek, chats with the owners of Des Moines’ newest queer-run bakery-cum-astrology-shop, scopes out the late-summer farmers market, showcases the Iowa State Fair art competition and critiques those state rankings lists. Plus, the Des Moines Breakerz turn a passion for the art, history and discipline of break dancing into a shot at a national title; a heritage Spanish/English speaker offers insight into woes of being bilingual; and Kiki gives advice to a fertile friend.