Kids Market is returning to the Iowa City Farmers Market

Video still of Kids Market from Iowa City Update.

Applications are now being accepted online for the Kids Market that will be held on Saturday, Sept. 24 at the Iowa City Farmers Market. Vendors between the ages of 8 and 18 will set up booths on the green space on the Washington Street side of the Chauncey Swan Parking Ramp. In previous years, Kids Market has featured everything from baked goods—including dog treats—to candles and homegrown produce.

The Iowa City Department of Parks and Recreation, which runs the farmers market, has posted the following rules for anyone interested in setting up a booth to sell their wares.

• Participants must be 8 – 18 years old

• Participants will begin setting up their booth at 8 a.m. in the grassy area along E. Washington Street

• Participants are responsible for setting up, tearing down and cleaning up their own booth space

• Participants will bring everything they need to set up their booth space. Table, Chairs, etc.

• Participants can only sell items that they have created, baked grown or produced themselves

• Food items for sale may not contain anything that would normally need refrigeration

Kid vendors also cannot sell meat, cheese, salsa, jarred sauces or dressing, canned or bottled fruits and vegetables, soft pies, meat pies or custard. Parks and Rec explained those items “require a farmers market license and must be prepared in a licensed kitchen.”

There is no fee for participating in Kids Market, but space is limited. There will be 50 booth locations available this year. The application period is scheduled to run through noon on Monday, Aug. 29, but may close earlier if all the available spots are claimed.

Anyone needing more information should contact Iowa City Farmers Market Coordinator Michelle Wiegand or by email at or by calling at 319-356-5213.