Iowan-made podcasts to stream from home

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While you’re busy socially distancing yourself from friends and neighbors, a familiar voice can help you make it through the day. Here are five podcasts recorded here in Iowa to open your mind, without stepping outside your front door.

Stuck in the Middle

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Recorded in Davenport at the Underground Economy, Stuck in the Middle is hosted by Royce Barnett, a.k.a. Crunk Chocolate, and Eric Dickerson, a.k.a. Fat Boi. They discuss movies, music, life and more from a Midwestern, black perspective, with great tunes sprinkled throughout.

Nursing Uncensored

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Iowa City night nurse Adrianne Behning has been walking the walk since 2016 and talking the talk since not long after. Behning engages other nurses in (frequently NSFW, always HIPAA-compliant) conversations about life as a nurse in the U.S., championing education and advocacy.

Mama Bear Dares

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Sisters-in-law Leslie and Tesi Klipsch met when they married two brothers, and soon found deep similarities between their philosophies in life. On this podcast, they interview women who, they say, “are determined to see love, compassion and justice win.”

Where the Eye Meets the Pyramid

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Occasional “medicine show” events spinning at Gabe’s Iowa City anchor Reverend Charles Lee Pagan and DJ Crystal Daze in what passes for the real world, but whether in person or in podcast, this program exists to defy reality with deep dives into the best of psychedelic music, “from the far ago, to the now and beyond.”

Hippies & Cowboys

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This bi-national country music podcast (hosted by Garrett McKie in Alberta, Canada and Mike Hart, here in Iowa) aims to “fight the battle against pop country” by shining a light on some of the best country artists active today (Little Village’s own Brian Johannesen was on a recent episode).


Making Space for Yourself

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While not a podcast, strictly speaking, this series of 10 meditations from frequent LV contributor Daniel Boscaljon is perfect if you want to sink into, rather than escape, yourself with all your downtime. It explores three different angles on the concept of space: absence, presence and potentiality — or, holding space, taking up space and, ultimately, making space.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 281.

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