Album Review: The Ruralists — ‘Trying’

Trying by The Ruralists “I pray to the saints,” begins the Ruralists’ “pandemic album,” Trying. Then, later, with the strained tension of drawn out tones and stretched-then-resolving chords, album opener “HereNow” continues, “And I wait/on the word/on the whisper never […]

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Album Review: Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops — ‘Manic Fever’

Greg Wheeler and the Poly Mall Cops – Manic Fever by Greg Wheeler & The Poly Mall Cops You didn’t realize you were waiting for this moment. But I promise you, you were. Later this month, on March 24, just […]

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Album Review: Ramin Roshandel & Jean-François Charles — ‘Jamshid Jam’

Jamshid Jam by Ramin Roshandel & Jean-Francois Charles Since the 1960s, it seems the University of Iowa School of Music has loosened up about what is allowed and appropriate music for which one can get a Ph.d. Composition — in […]

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