Adoptable Pet of the Week: Rambo, the friendly Texan

Rambo — one of eight dogs the Iowa City Animal Center welcomed from Houston, Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey — has not let the storm, nor hundreds of miles of travel, dampen his spirits. The one-year-old has been described by volunteers as “excited,” “athletic” and a “wild child” — one even speculated he’s […]

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Don’t black out! A guide to local, low-alcohol craft beers

Iowans love craft beer, but when one pint is as strong as a double shot of vodka, unsuspecting social drinkers may find themselves stumbling after just one or two of their favorite brews. Here is your guide to a local beers under five percent ABV but just as tasty.

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Adoptable Pet of the Week: Minty, the speckled soloist

Minty is a 2-year-old cat with a lovely tuxedo coloration, including an adorable black spot on her nose. She has a healthy skepticism of the world and would prefer to be the only cat in your life — or at least in your house. However, she is intensely sweet and loves to rub against your legs, hands and face. […]

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