19 people arrested at Bakken pipeline Pilot Mound protests

About 100 protesters banded together Saturday in Boone County to protest the Dakota Access pipeline. Nineteen protestors were arrested for trespassing after they blocked the entrance to a construction site. A machine at the site is set to bore the pipeline’s path beneath the Des Moines River. All of the protestors have been bailed out, […]

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Iowa City School Board votes against reinstating Stephanie Van Housen

City High

Iowa City Community School District Board Members narrowly voted against reinstating Stephanie Van Housen, former homeless liaison for the district, who was fired earlier this year. Discussion at the open meeting Tuesday night, which was packed with around 80 members of the public, centered around the reasons for Van Housen’s termination, and whether those reasons […]

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Wage theft rampant, Center for Worker Justice empowers restaurant workers to get paid

In 2015, the Johnson County Supervisors took the lead in the battle for a living wage, acting to raise the local wage in three steps to $10.10 by January 1, 2017. Now Linn, Polk, Wapello and other Iowa counties have joined the fight. But fair labor laws are only as strong as their enforcement. When these laws are violated in Iowa City, the […]

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The Pizza Top-10: Ranking the best pies in Hawktown

Pizza is a perfect food: The textural contrast between the gooey cheese, the crunch and chew of the crust, the snap of veggies and Italian sausage…you get all your food groups in one place, and can’t help but feel satisfied. A true comfort food. Are you hungry yet? Don’t worry, Little Village‘s ‘Za Top-10 is […]

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