Cracker reunites tonight at The Mill

Cracker w/ Chrash The Mill — Tuesday, June 9 at 8 p.m. Cracker, a genre-bending band that blends rock, punk and country, will perform tonight at The Mill. They remain best known for their ’90s hits “Low,” “Get Off This” and “EuroTrash Girl” — songs that were notable for remaining likeable in spite of radio […]

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Becoming a Ghost: Seeing God

I enter through the gate, its cold irons bound to deter all but the most melancholy. The place is crowded with the thick silence of the dead. Their bodies, encased in caskets, cannot create sounds capable of penetrating the surface. The muffled buzz of their muted thoughts, too deep for me to fathom, weigh in the air like an insensible fog. They saturate the gravity of the place.

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Becoming a Ghost: Seeing Love

I feel cobblestones beneath my feet and remember how my bike jolted as I had raced home against the day. The lights guide me forward, under sky and over stone, illuminating the tree that had sheltered our soft kisses and the sidewalk where I had lifted her after she stumbled. A car drives by, its formulaic noise splashing over me, dampening the reality of love that beckoned me forward. It drives away the faint echo of her laugh, a proud and glad song that defied the demons that tormented her. Love was present in that laugh. I see this. […]

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Becoming a Ghost: Seeing Light

I open my eyes and see an amorphous fog that muffles the tonal differences among the shades that seem suddenly unsayable—the way that, at the decisive moment, your mouth forgets how to shape the name of the very person you most love. Objects beckon me, doing nothing more than exist, than flicker at the horizon of my gaze. Each clamors with an internal drive to reveal itself, light sparking outward, radiating from its core… […]

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Becoming a Ghost: Falling Out

All movement makes us aware that we hasten toward our death in a dynamic vector, and I see mine immanently before me. Time compacts. Seeing your “life” flash before your eyes before death is not a tiresome replay listing mundane causes and effects of a mundane life. Only a handful of potent encounters and choices define you. I am smelling my grandfather’s coffee in the mornings. I am breaking up with my first girlfriend. I am driving my first car. I am accepting my new job. […]

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Becoming a Ghost: Falling From

-- Photo by Jeremy Page (Creative Commons)

‘Falling From’ is the fifth installment in Daniel Boscaljon’s literary nonfiction series Becoming A Ghost. The previous installments can be found here. The ground beneath beckons like a friend, uncannily familiar. Why? Did the ground support our kisses under the star-filled cold? Did it intimate my future embrace of dust by dust? I realize that […]

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Becoming a ghost: Losing Time

Becoming a Ghost

‘Becoming a Ghost’ is a literary nonfiction series by UI English instructor Daniel Boscaljon. Revelers rush in the empty space between the buildings. Liars find dark lairs, their carefree bodies careening past the playground intended for careful toddlers. I stared downward, avoiding eyes bright with the allure of the everyday world and its promise of […]

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