Miller-Meeks, Loebsack spar in Iowa City

Debate night!

During a debate in Iowa City Thursday night, Incumbent U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack had to answer to being named the least effective Congressman, while challenger Mariannette Miller-Meeks had to explain why she hasn’t won this race in her last two attempts. Democrat Loebsack and Republican Miller-Meeks participated in a debate hosted by Iowa Public Television […]

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The war on drugs: A new direction?

Rand Paul

When Kanye West said George Bush doesn’t care about black people, a lot of people probably thought he had a point. The former president was under heat for his handling of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans. But long before that, some Republicans had earned the reputation from their opposition to the civil rights movement […]

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ACLU report criticizes ‘excessive’ militarization of U.S. police

American police are usually using their tactical weapons and armor for drug raids, rather than hostage or active shooter situations, according to a new study. There are thousands of SWAT teams — “special weapons and tactics,” known locally as special response teams — across the country, including in Johnson County. The new report from the American Civil Liberties Union harshly criticizes their widespread use and calls for increased restrictions. […]

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Poll: Clinton takes narrow lead in Iowa

Hilary Clinton

A slim majority of Iowans view Hillary Clinton favorably, despite the former First Lady making herself sparse here over the last six years. Polling data released this week by Quinnipiac University shows Clinton’s support in Iowa leads that of a handful of possible Republican presidential candidates. Clinton has a 52-percent approval rating here, according to […]

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Books: Out in the Ordinary

Iowa didn’t mean anything to gay rights six years ago when novelist Nick Burd was in New York writing The Vast Fields of Ordinary. The presidential candidates vetted here didn’t tend to favor expanding gay rights. And while most of the state’s bigger towns were generally tolerant–for the Midwest, at least–same-sex unions seemed destined to […]

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