Up 3,000 feet without a rope: The horror and beauty of ‘Free Solo’

Edge-of-your-seat suspense. Sky-high stakes. Psychological intrigue. Queasy cinematography. And enough unadulterated fear to make your heart pound and palms sweat. Perhaps FilmScene’s most viscerally frightening showing this month is ‘Free Solo,’ a documentary about the death-defying free solo rock climber Alex Honnold.

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IC DOCS incoming: Annual film fest kicks off this Thursday

Co-hosted by FilmScene, the Bijou film board and the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival (IC DOCS) will run for its 12th season, April 17-19 at FilmScene. The festival seeks to provide a nominally competitive forum for short works of experimental documentary film in order to consider alternative views of what it means to document, and indeed what it means to experience reality itself. IC DOCS is entirely student organized and will feature both locally-produced and international films no longer than 30 minutes in length. […]

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Talking Movies: A half-century of the Up Series

The Up Series

Fifty years ago, in 1963, Granada Television, a regional service for Northwest England, commissioned Seven Up!, a brief documentary about the future of England. Who are the workers and executives of that distant, magical year 2000? The idea was to gather together a cross-section of 7-year-olds and interview them about their lives and aspirations. The […]

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Reel IC : ICDOCS keeps it real

I’ll always take a good documentary over a good drama. Any good cinema is like a daydream, but to disappear into a dream that isn’t a dream? That’s a pleasure only found in a great doc–the beautiful offspring of cinema and journalism, with only the best genes of both parents passed on. (of course, there’s […]

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