Sen. Joni Ernst says Trump’s tweets are racist, but that doesn’t change her support for him

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Joni Ernst’s official portrait, 2019.

Sen. Joni Ernst wants to make one thing clear: President Donald Trump’s latest racist statements haven’t diminished her support for him.

“I’d love for you to make that clear,” Ernst told Politico on Tuesday. “While I don’t appreciate the tweets, but I still support the president.”

Ernst’s reaffirmation of her loyalty to Trump came one day after she’d said Trump’s tweets on Sunday aimed at four members of the House of Representatives who are women of color were racist.

The Iowa senator was reluctant to comment about Trump’s tweets on Monday, but when pressed by Capitol Hill reporters about whether she thought the tweets were racist, Ernst finally said, “Yeah, I do.”

Ernst started backing away from that assessment later Monday. In a written statement provided to WHO-TV in Des Moines, Ernst said paying attention to the president’s racism was a distraction keeping people from focusing on what she considers a real problem — the policy goals of Democrats.

“This isn’t constructive; we should stay focused on debating the issues and the radical policy agenda they’re pushing,” Ernst said in her statement.

By Tuesday, Ernst wanted the public to know “there is no daylight between her and the president,” according to Politico’s reporters, even though she doesn’t “appreciate” the tweets she had conceded were racist less than 24 hours earlier.

Ernst is running for reelection in 2020, and has made her loyalty to Trump a central focus of her campaign. According to the most recent Federal Election Filings, Ernst raised $2.8 million between January and July this year, and her reelection campaign had $3.4 million on hand at the beginning of this month.

Last week, Ernst’s campaign highlighted the fact that it has received at least one contribution from each of Iowa’s 99 counties this year. But an analysis of Ernst’s fundraising by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) provides a broader perspective on the senator’s fundraising.

CRP found that 63.6 percent of contributions to Ernst’s campaign since 2015 have come from out of state. In her first Senate run in 2014, a total of 72 percent of her campaign contributions came from outside of Iowa.

  • 3.1K


  1. Joni Ernst is a Rino and a joke. I cannot wait until she is primaried out of office. What a disgrace! And by the way, Mrs. Ernst. Nothing he tweeted was in the least bit racist.

    1. What do you mean “Nothing he tweeted was in the least bit racist” Telling people of ethnic backgrounds to go back to their own countries is indeed racist.

  2. His comments weren’t racist in the slightest. If you hate our country and our history live somewhere else cupcake. Sorry, but conservative principles are not racist, no matter how often you say it. Republicans freed the slaves and fought and died to do so… study history you idiots. You can’t rewrite it no matter how much you want to…

    1. You are the one who needs to brush up on your history cupcake. The ideologies of democrats and republicans have flipped since the civil war era. Democrats used to be the conservative hate mongers and republicans were the the party of liberal open-mindedness. Read and find some sources other than faux news and the Twitter meltdowns of madmen and ignorant sycophants.

  3. Fighting a war freeing people from slavery is not a conservative idea it is the most liberal concept the world has ever known. That was the party of Lincoln. That was the party that my great great great uncle helped found.
    It’s not the party that represents the Republicans today. Republicans of today are being controlled by the southern racist former Democrats. They converted to the Republican Party in 1965 when the Voting Rights Act was passed. That’s for what President Trump said our own government came out with a statement, a legal statement saying that what president said was in fact racist and discriminatory as defined by US law. Not only did the president break the law by attacking four federal employees IE the four congresswoman the president himself is considered a federal employee. He also broke his oath of office swearing to uphold the law. That is an impeachable offense.

    As for Joni Ernst he’s going to support a racist then you are racist.

  4. EU: LIBERALS freed the slaves, obviously. Slavery was and is a conservative concept, especially the continuation of it, or, if you understand English, “the conservation of that tradition”. Trying so hard to conflate parties with ideologies just shows how DEEPLY embarrassed you are by both. Oh, and- you are most certainly and openly a racist EU.

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