$20 Trumpet Blossom Cafe gift card


Trumpet Blossom Cafe

310 E Prentiss St, Iowa City
(319) 248-0077

The perfect gift for health-conscious family and friends, as well as those that love to indulge in finely crafted cocktails.

Note from supplier: Limit one gift card per table per visit.

From Little VillagePlease note that you cannot tip with a gift card. Please bring cash for your server, or plan on using your credit card to pay for a portion of your order so that you can leave a tip. We have received reports of customers abusing the Perks program by (for example) leaving two $20 gift cards on a $32 bill, as though the extra $8 can count as a tip. Please bear in mind that servers cannot collect this money.

We also ask that you respect the individual conditions set by each supplier, such as “One gift card per table per visit.” Little Village reserves the right to ban individuals who are abusing the Perks program. Thank you for being a reader; please enjoy your Perks responsibly, and always show love to your local service staff!

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