3/30/10: Mission Creek (Photos)

Here are some pics from Tuesday night’s Mission Creek shows PS1: So Much Fun, Happy Chromosomes, Replacing the Robots, Dinosaur Feathers Mill: Mondo Drag, Birds and Batteries, Cave Singers Also re: MCIC 2010 Tuesday: Kent Williams on the Mill show + Lady Espina at the Yacht Club Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Photos by Matt Butler […]

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My God . . . It's Full of Stars

Alex Body, Rene Hell, Peaking Lights, Pocahaunted Gabe’s, Tuesday March 29th Last night was the first glimpse of the new Gabe’s for many people, the return to an old true name after years of awkwardly calling the space the Picador.  We’ll never get back the pricelessly skuzzy biker/hipster conjunction of yore, but I like some […]

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The Mission Creek Experience, Day One

Newly opened “Gabe’s” played host to the Mission Creek pre-festival party last night, and the venue has never sounded better. With new ownership came a new sound system, just in time for Iowa City’s biggest music festival of the season. West Coast groove band Pocahaunted headlined the event, backed by strong opening acts from Rene […]

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Alex Body: Just Say Yes

Alex Body Just Say Yes Self-release Local Albums: March 2010 – Alex Body’s solo debut, Just Say Yes, is a glitchy, lo-fi epic consisting of condemnations of himself and humanity over digital and analog loops and faux pipe organ drones. Just Say Yes takes some time to warm up, but by the third track, “Without […]

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Mission Creek 2010 Preview: Dustin Busch

Local guitarist and luthier Dustin Busch will open for Booker T. this Wednesday night at the Englert as part of the 2010 Mission Creek festival. Busch plays regularly – solo and with Illinois John Fever – and you’ll catch him breaking it down informally all around town, semi-regularly on the patio at the Red Avocado, […]

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UR Here: Boundary Waters

UR Here: March 2010 – Eastern Iowans nervously watched the snow pile up in their yards and fields this winter. While we did not threaten any records, the memory of 2008 lingers like the shadow pain of a broken bone recently healed. Indeed, the news outlets are running stories that tell us forecasters are worried […]

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Obama in IC – The Protesters

Like most of the 13,000 or so people who requested a ticket to see Obama speak, I didn’t get in. So I chose to take some pictures outside.

The curious thing about Iowans — they’re polite! The Anti- and Pro-Healthcare Reform protesters were standing shoulder to shoulder. Not only that, unlike what we’ve seen […]


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