Interview with Dan Boeckner of Divine Fits

Divine Fits

Dan Boeckner is one of indie rock’s hardest working songwriters and performers. He was a founding member of Montreal-based Wolf Parade and helped lead that band through a fruitful career that yielded three impressive albums before disbanding last year. He also co-founded the synth, drum machine outfit Handsome Furs with his wife and put out three great records before that project also disbanded in 2012. […]

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Running up and down the alley

Mission Creek

Wednesday was a Mission Creek evening for me like a meal at a tapas bar. I caught six different bands at three venues, mostly traversing the alley between Gabe’s and Yacht Club to try and sample the most interesting music on offer. Not to take away from the bands I didn’t see–Slut River has been more transcendently trashy every time I’ve caught their performances-as-insurrection–but a guy can only be one place at a time. Thus, my peregrinations described in chronological order. […]

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Show Photos: Mission Creek day one

As I write this, it’s after 2:00 a.m. and I’m finally home after a heart-pounding night listening to some fantastic acts and dancing with a camera in my hand. Tonight was only supposed to be the kickoff to the festival, and it was wildly good, so I can’t wait to see how much better it […]

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