On the Table: Take a bloody break

Bloody Mary

Here’s the conundrum: I’ve found myself at an unpleasant crossroads. I’m in my 30s, have high blood pressure and need to lose weight; but I am, by nature, an epicure. Until a little while ago, this joie de vivre served me relatively well—but I had a health scare recently and have been forced to question […]

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UR Here: Noxious nostalgia

UR Here

Summer is here, and those distinctive smells of the hot season abound: trees and flowers in bloom, humidity in the air, the ozone before a late-afternoon thunderstorm, your fired-up backyard grill, the chlorine in a refreshing pool. Many of these smells no doubt spark pleasant memories of childhood—those lazy summer days when time felt endless […]

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FilmScene meet and greet this Saturday at Scene 1

Film Scene Meet and Greet Saturday, June 8 – 12-5 p.m. FilmScene’s Scene 1, an upcoming venue for American and international contemporary films, is holding a meet and greet this Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The single-screen theater is expected to open this fall and is located in the building once occupied by […]

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June: The month in theatre

Riverside Theatre Hamlet The School for Scandal Riverside Theatre has been Iowa City’s source for outdoor theatre entertainment since 2000, the inaugural summer of their Shakespeare Festival. With the recent name change to Riverside Theatre in the Park to reflect “a greater variety of summer programming,” theatre patrons can see more than just Shakespeare at […]

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Live Music Preview: June 5-17

The Woggles

If your first thought when seeing this headliner’s name was the children’s band that Jenna tried to break up during 30 Rock, you wouldn’t be alone. Luckily, the real Woggles are much cooler than their fake namesakes. Hailing from Atlanta, the quartet recalls the thrashing, trashing spirit of The Milkshakes, The Mummies and other garage rock royalty. While you have an idea of what they sound like, The Woggles separate themselves with their incendiary live show. […]

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Iowa City Weekender: May 23-26


School’s over, and what that mainly means to me is less country rap on my block and more parking for my gigantic vehicle. What it might mean to you is that you’ve got a bunch of time on your hands and nothing to do. Well, here it is: some stuff to do this Memorial Day […]

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