Leslie is back and her gold pants are shinier than ever


Leslie Hall of Leslie and the Lys is back on the scene (gem sweater scene) with a new music video to tease her upcoming remix album due out this December. The album, titled Songs In The Key of Gold, is a collaboration between Hall and producer Titus Jones.

“This guy can turn any poopy song into a dream dance club MAX JAM!” Hall wrote in an email to Little Village. “This tour has ALL NEW PROPS and costumes. All the songs are MADE OVER FOR SERIOUS JIGGLING.” Those who’ve been to a Leslie and the Lys show will understand what’s at stake here.

Hall says that Titus was sent to her from the “hip hop dance gods,” and in listening to her remix for “No Pants Policy,” it’s hard to say otherwise. From what we’ve seen so far, the upcoming album speeds along with a high-BPM clip that’s far punchier than any of Hall’s previous recordings. Songs in the Key of Gold marks Titus’s first non-mash up production.

Hall is currently booking a nationwide tour to coincide with the album’s release.

Kicking off in January, the tour spans more than three months and eventually brings Hall to Wooly’s in Des Moines on March 15 and the Blue Moose Tap House on March 21. Hall’s Iowa City performance will feature Boone County Comedy Troupe and Dean and the Delilahs.

Ticket information for Hall’s show at the Blue Moose Tap House is available here.

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