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The Iowa Music Project — a James Gang endeavor dedicated to supporting live music throughout the state of Iowa — is now accepting submissions for a statewide songwriting showcase. 25 songs by artists with Iowa ties will be chosen for an IMP-produced compilation. This will include two listeners’ choice selections, to be voted on below.

Showcase submissions:

YouTube submissions

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SoundCloud submissions

Choose wisely![/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner el_class=”” width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Voting period closed

Thank you to both the artists and fans for participating in the listeners’ choice portion of the Iowa Music Project’s Songwriting Showcase. Listeners across Iowa cast more than 14,000 votes between Feb. 1 and Mar. 23! After tallying the results, we’re happy to announce that the following two artists have been selected for a spot on the IMP Songwriting Showcase:

Voting details

Browse the music featured on this page. When you’ve found a song you think deserves a spot on the showcase, cast your vote below. Vote once per day through March 23 (updated). The top two vote-getters (according to average number of votes per day) will receive:

Honorees will be announced by April 1, 2016.

Visit the Iowa Music Project


  • 5.8K


    1. Hi Robert,

      There was a small glitch earlier that prevented a couple of the most recent submissions from appearing on the poll. The problem has since been resolved, however. Thanks for the feedback!


  1. I can’t get any sound when I play the Ben Driscoll sut. I’ve tried 3 times so far with the same result, The player appears to be playing but no music emerges. The cut before and after play; that one does not.

  2. Saying Yes to Everything by Aj Worden is a fresh and expressive tip of hat to Bob Dillon’s iconic 60’s sound-i like it alot

  3. Good stuff (so far): Mason Greve, Jeff Miguel, Christian Schneiders, Kaya May, Ben Dunegan, Randahl R, Lojo Russo and Steve Elliott. Check ’em out. Vote for your faves!

  4. Catfish Murphy is amazing! Check out their song rattlesnake and if you ever get the chance to catch one of their shows you definitely don’t want to miss out! Very entertaining and always a great time with great music!

  5. I recently submitted a song. Do all of them get put up here for people to vote upon? If so, do you know how long it will take for this list to be updated?

    Thank you!

  6. I voted Sunday late afternoon or early evening. Now on Monday it’s thanking me for having voted. Does it get reset every calendar day? Or is it a 24-hour period following my last vote? Thanks.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Glad you got it sorted out. To answer your question, voting resets 24 hours after the time of your last vote.


  7. After numerous attempts at reloading the page, I was able to vote today as soon as I sent the question above. For whatever reason, problem solved.

  8. More good stuff: Blake Bogenrief, Jack Lion, Doug Collins, EightUp, Robert Otting, and Caitlyn Wolfe. Check ’em out and vote schmote!

  9. Deb Tiemens clear pitch-perfect voice has the right sound for a song about spring. (Well it at least makes me think about spring.)

  10. Still more good stuff: Brazilian 2wins, Einstein’s Junkyard, Brooklyn Girl (tune – don’t know the artist) and Kelli Rae Powell. Listen and vote schmote!

    1. It would be interesting to see where it would take him if he opened up his finger picking to include more than just thumb and forefinger. This is not a criticism as I think he does a great job on the tune. I just imagine even more impressive playing with a more open approach.

      1. Thank you, Ron. I’m 100% self-taught. Never had a lesson, watched an instructional video, played covers or had anyone show me techniques. I just picked up a guitar one day and tried to figure out how to play stuff I thought sounded alright. This song was recorded years ago, and I have discovered and incorporated more tricks into my new pieces since. I’m always trying to learn and evolve, and your advice is appreciated! Thanks again for the comment!

        1. Sounds like you’re in the same boat as I was when I started out. I just wanted to play so I bought sheet music and learned my chords from that. Years later I found I was using more difficult fingerings than necessary. Like you, I just tried to make things sound like what I heard on records. Keep at it! Like I said, I can imagine many more tunes to come as you take yourself further. Best – and hope all is well.

  11. Many good artists. Except for a few I really didn’t like. The damfinos where not that good. Some potential. The guitarist was weak. But the basist has potential the drummer and singer was good. But the sound in the video was poor. Not worthy for my vote. Plus I think they stole there name from another band that has it copyrighted.

  12. Checked out Damfinos on Ryan’s advice. Agreed, the song is good but the singer is a hack! Although apparently they do a version of Drops of Jupiter by Train live, and it is so moving. The basist even plays shirtless!

  13. Wish we could vote for more artists than just one! Also, I don’t see Einstein’s Junkyard’s song Light My Life on the listening list?

  14. Kronos Resistor and Shitty Wizards both deserve checking out. I cant tell you how to vote, but both of these bands are very impressive. Give them a listen, they are worth your time.

  15. Question for IMP administrators and Little Village folks:

    Given that you keep soliciting and adding submissions to the Listeners’ Choice contest, and that the method for deciding the winners is “average number of votes per day,” consider this scenario: 1) Artist A has a song in the contest from day one, and gets 10 votes a day; 2) Artist B submits a song on the last day of the contest, and gets 50 votes a day.

    Per your method, Artist B would win with a daily average of 50 votes. However, Artist A would have amassed some 400 more votes over the course of the contest. Fair?

    Since another 23 IMP winners will, according to your site, be chosen by a different process (judging of some sort, I assume), why not run the Listeners’ Choice portion of the competition like every other such competition–set a deadline for entry, then have the artists/songs who met that deadline compete for votes until the end of the voting period (either through the daily average method or a raw number)? The way you’ve proceeded actually penalizes those artists who have been in the contest longer.


    1. Good point as that entered my thoughts also. The other complication – for me anyway – is I can’t keep track of what I’ve already listened to and what are newer submissions. That, in my mind, also short changes the newer submissions.

  16. It seems to me that younger people (with more friends) have a distinct advantage especially with social media as it is. The quality of a song has no bearing in these cases. Good luck to everyone…

  17. Please make it easier to listen to songs that were not submitted by “Sound Cloud.”

    Several people have told us they don’t see any instructions or clear directions about how to listen to our song.

    Charles and Lynn

    1. When I come to the site the YouTube submissions are at the very top of the page. Scroll bar on the side. What could be easier? I would encourage you to let your friends know how to use the site after visiting yourself. HTH.

  18. I have been playing music in Iowa since the 1960’s. It’s about time we create the Iowa Music Scene. It’s about time the musicians in Iow aget the publicity and acknowledgement of the masses. Jimmy Holiday, Marvin Spencer, Joe Hernandez, Lonnie Flowers, David Graves and list go on and on and most musicians don’t even know who these people are. Unfortunately they have all passed on but they paved the way for a lot of musicians in this state.

  19. Changed Man by Blake Bogenrief is by far the smoothest-flowing song on here. The transitions from verse to chorus/bridge to chorus etc. are that of someone with a TON of songwriting experience. It also utilizes male and female harmony more effectively than any other song on here, arguably. It has my vote 100%.

  20. Vote for Jim Swim and Mary!! An amazing powerhouse sound between the two of them. Sweet and simple yet very intelligent and well constructed original music. Love them.

  21. Portal seem like three talented young fellows. Check out their instrumental, Mountain. Interesting time changes and good versatility between the three players. Worthy of your vote!

  22. Even still more good stuff: Victor Ayara. Abbie Sawyer, Bjoens (Hank Williams Guitar), and Adma42. One more day to vote for your favorites – LISTEN and VOTE Schmote!!!

  23. More “interesting” stuff: Twig, ARU and Juni West. @Juni: you absolutely MUST get a better recording of this tune. It’s a fun tune and it would great to hear it with better production!

  24. I agree that Melanie Devaney is quite a talent. As evident by the many YouTube videos. Melanie has been well received in many venues. Whether she is doing cover or an original song. She always sounds great and her personality shines brightly. I’ve seen her in Bettendorf twice at the library. bought her Single Subject notebook CD.Soon to see her at a couple other venues. Has an amazing sweet yet soulful voice. On stage she exudes a wonderful rapport with the audience.

    1. AGREE! There are so many very good tunes/performances – the folks who have to decide who gets on the album have a tough task ahead. Check out the tunes and VOTE!!

  25. Alec Ryan song! Check it out! It’s great! Nice job, Alec! I hope you win!
    Tonya (your mom’s college roommate and fellow music major)

    1. Hey Randy, I sometimes like synth oriented “soundscapes”/music. One does not hear this kind of composition very often so it’s cool to hear some here.

  26. Even more good stuff: Kendra Swanson, Kevin Lindgren, Soul Phlegm and Matt Van. One more day to vote tomorrow. Listen and VOTE!

  27. Congrats to Mason Greve and the Pork Tornadoes AND Matt Van for getting the well deserved votes. So many other good tunes/artists here which proves that Iowa has some talented folks that are worth the listen. Hope the IMP makes this an annual thing.

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