Gov. Kim Reynolds calls Iowa liberals ‘unhinged’

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Gov. Kim Reynolds — photo courtesy of the Office of the Governor of Iowa

Speaking at a fundraiser on Saturday, Gov. Kim Reynolds said, “As we all know as we travel the state, the liberals are unhinged and they are out for us.” The remarks came at the end of Reynold’s Harvest Festival in Des Moines, her first public fundraiser since becoming governor.

“What is this outrageous thing liberals are doing in Iowa? I’d be interested in knowing that,” State Sen. Joe Bolkcom told Little Village. “Liberals and progressives think people should have health care. Is that an unhinged idea? What about not giving a record amounts of tax dollars to big corporations?”

“I think Iowa voters are sick and tired of mean-spirited name calling,” the Iowa City Democrat added.

Little Village emailed the Reynolds campaign to ask if the governor had any specific Iowans in mind when she called liberals “unhinged.” In response, Communications Director Pat Garrett sent 31 links to news stories, blog posts and tweets.

Out of the 31 links, 15 weren’t about Iowans. Three of those were about actor Alec Baldwin, who will appear at this year’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, an annual fundraiser for the Iowa Democratic Party.

Of the 16 links about Iowans, six were about Congressman Rod Blum, R-Cedar Rapids, facing hostile questions and having some of his answers booed at town hall meetings this spring. Garrett described another story as “Liberal Activists Shut Down Veterans Roundtable Held by Republican Joni Ernst.” But the link went to a story about a February public meeting Sen. Ernst held in Maquoketa, Iowa. There were protestors at the meeting, but the 50-minute meeting was not shut down.

Last November, people in Iowa City protesting the election of President Trump actually did shut down an on-ramp to I-80 for 30 minutes, and a story about that is among the links Garrett sent.

Three of the other Iowa links were about Heather Ryan, a Democratic candidate in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, cursing in speeches. Ryan has also been accused of using “abusive language” about the adults behind child beauty pageants in her 2013 self-published book about the child pageant world and in YouTube videos on the subject. Between 2009 and 2012, Ryan was a talent manager for a top competitor on the child beauty pageant circuit.

Another link went to a Des Moines Register column criticizing a press release from the Democrat Fred Hubbell’s gubernatorial campaign that misstated the amount of money Gov. Reynolds has borrowed from the state’s rainy-day fund to cover budget shortfalls. A story on Democratic State Senator and candidate for governor Nate Boulton supporting a call to audit the state budget was also linked to.

The list also included links to a tweet by a Democratic Party activist in Des Moines criticizing how the Polk County Democratic Committee runs its meetings, and a story on the Iowa State Senate Democratic Caucus electing a new minority leader the day after Reynolds gave her speech.

There was one link about an apparently unhinged Iowan. In August, Joseph Hilton Dierks of Waterloo, was arrested for tweeting threats to Sen. Joni Ernst. But Dierks didn’t cite politics as the reason for threatening Ernst. According to The Gazette, Dierks said he didn’t consider his tweets threatening and “claimed he had been sending tweets to Ernst since she was elected because he wanted her help to get a waiver to join the military. He told [FBI] agents he needed the waiver because of his criminal history and age.”

After she called liberals unhinged, Reynolds told the audience at her fundraiser, “You keep fighting, I’ll keep fighting. Let’s keep this united team together, because, by gosh, we want to build on the successes that we’ve seen this last legislative session… We don’t want them to come in and reverse the good work that we’ve done.”

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  1. I want to thank the governor for making it clear that she has no interest in serving any Iowan who doesn’t think like her and her minions. Perhaps in the next election we can find a governor interested in serving all Iowans.

    1. Nice. Republicans are my neighbors. I really feel I need to work with them. I wish our governor felt the same about me. We’re all in this together, and egregious partisan politics is wearing to the soul.

    2. Kim Reynolds is a DOLT, like any other reTHUGliKLAN, she is a white supremacist who makes Iowa look like part of the bible belt. She MUST go, along w/ Ernst, Grassley, Blum, King, and Young. Time 4 Iowa 2 step out of the Dark Ages and take RESPONSIBILITY for the health of our nation. Kim Reynolds supports the orange narcissistic child raping racist womanizing cowardly tiny-underhanded declared-mentally-unstable by even George Will. It is no secret that reTHUGliKLANs just like Reynolds have stolen our democracy and care ONLY for their own coffers and political positions. STRIP every last one of ANY right! They ALL need 2 b IN PRISON! Yup, Kimmy, u r CORRECT! THIS liberal is UNHINGED, just as one would expect a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN to be when his country is being threatened by CORRUPT politicians who display their ignorant arrogance every time they communicate (which we have another fine example of in the comments of Iowa’s SAD EXCUSE for a governess cited in this article). No reTHUGliKLAN has any right to discuss the mental heath of a group of citizens when they are part and party of the DAILY TREASON committed by the man they installed as “Commander in Chief”. Kiss your cushy position, and the healthcare that comes with it, buh bye, ignorant NRA supporting thug, Reynolds. You are FINISHED!

  2. As a person who has voted for both Republicans & Democrats, I wait to see which candidate does or says something stupid first. Kim just won. How can you possibly say you want to represent everyone and then say something as stupid as that?

    1. Reynolds & her thugs can take a long walk off a short pier. Of course, she will have NRA bribe $ to help her ascend to the throne again, so she can: continue 1) supporting factory farming, poisoning our land, water and air; 2) supporting policies that diminish and disparage our nation’s most disadvantaged citizens (because she apparently cannot read or comprehend the words on the Statue of Liberty or is clueless about how it connects to US history); 3) shame Iowa with right wing notions that pull us back to a dreadful past when skin color defined social status and legal rights; 4) further harm the planet by helping corporations push politicians to deregulate and allow them free reign to pollute; 5) standing with a racist dirt bag of a narcissistic “president” installed to press forward an agenda of violence that has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, brought death to precious wildlife, and completely embarrassed America. But, yea, Kim, you’re right; liberals are the problem. (insert rolling eyes emoticon).

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