Exclusive track: Will Whitmore and friends cover ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ by The Cars

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When Flat Black Studios moved from Iowa City to its new rural location outside of town in 2015, the new studio’s first recording session was meant to dial in the room’s acoustics, and celebrate all the hard work so many local musicians had put in to make the place what it is.

The cast assembled for that first session (calling themselves “Ratings”) included Joel Anderson (Ten Grand, ft(the Shadow Government)), Zach Westerdahl (Ten Grand, Sweet Chariot), Will Whitmore (Middle Western), Ed Bornstein (T’bone, Foul Tip), and Luke Tweedy (owner of Flat Black, ft(the Shadow Government)). They started with one song, and it soon became a tradition: Various assemblages of musicians, many of whom don’t normally play together, recording one cover song that’s a bit out of their comfort zone (but that most people know).

18 months later, the pile of cover songs is impressive, and since they are covers, they can’t be sold or published for money. So, Flat Black and Little Village are releasing them one at a time for free, here on

The first song in the series is very appropriate for a Mission Creek springtime release — “Let The Good Times Roll,” by The Cars.

As always, both organizations are happy for this opportunity to showcase some of the incredibly talented people from around the area, and those who come here to create.

Download uncompressed track (.wav) ยป

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1 thought on “Exclusive track: Will Whitmore and friends cover ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ by The Cars

  1. There’s nothing preventing you from releasing a cover version commercially. You either have to negotiate a royalty rate with the composer’s publishing company, or pay a compulsory licensing fee. It would be better to say “we like what we did but it doesn’t really fit any commercial release business model we had the time or money for, so Merry Christmas!”

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