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Ninth annual Cedar Rapids Restaurant Week kicks off Saturday

Cedar Rapids Restaurant Week is kicking off its eight days of creative cuisine on Saturday, Feb. 20. The start of the ninth annual Restaurant Week will be celebrated via a Facebook Live event, according to the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance. The Metro Economic Alliance announced in December that the usual kick-off event, Fork & […]

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The Takeaway: The Dandy Lion is as wholesome and versatile as breakfast itself

Breakfast is perhaps the humblest meal, but also one of the most universally loved. It can be eaten at any time of day and its most common components — eggs, some sort of bread or pastry, maybe a little meat — can be put together in innumerable ways, from a basic scrambled egg and toast […]

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Willie Ray’s Q Shack is expanding, a second location will open soon

Willie Fairley is opening a second location of his restaurant Willie Ray’s Q Shack. Fairley offered a sneak peek of the new location in a video he posted on Facebook. The second location will be at 266 Blairs Ferry Rd. NE, which is just a couple of minutes away from the first location at 288 […]

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The Takeaway: Even over delivery, Stella stays crispy

Food comes in many forms and can serve many purposes. It can be a multi-course work of art. It can be a tentative lunch at a coffee shop to forge a connection with a new friend or a home-cooked meal to show our love to our families. It can be purely utilitarian, like chunks of […]

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LV Recommends: NaRa Thai

When I moved back home to Iowa after living in Minneapolis for a few years, one of the few things I missed was the cuisine. I’m no food snob — I like cheeseburgers and pizza as much as the next person — but I also appreciate things like a great falafel and other foods that […]

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Iowa City’s Top Chef Downtown event transforming to an at-home experience this year

For anyone who’s been practicing their cooking skills during the pandemic, the Iowa City Downtown District has an opportunity to put that talent to the test — and it’s also an opportunity to try delicious food and recipes from Iowa City chefs. The annual Top Chef Downtown event allows attendees to taste various entrees, desserts […]

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The Takeaway: Baroncini serves up carb-y Italian comfort food with flair

Food is a source of comfort. That’s why we incorporate it into so many events. We use food to smooth over the awkwardness of first dates or meeting our partners’ families for the first time. To celebrate birthdays, graduations, new babies and marriages. To mourn the losses of loved ones, relationships and jobs. To lull […]

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The Takeaway: IC newbie Bollywood Grill earns its place in the local scene

Growing up in Iowa in the ’80s and ’90s, a time when the restaurant landscape was dominated by corporate chains, I didn’t have much exposure to food from other parts of the world. I tried Indian food for the first when I was in my teens and I still remember it being a transporting experience. […]

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The Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Area’s Annual Dining Guide


The sixth annual Bread & Butter dining guide contains something for everyone: great meals at every price point and for every diet, guidance for visitors looking to get beneath the surface and an exhaustive list of worthwhile breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner destinations to help even the most seasoned locals find something new to try.