A John Waters Moment for Little Village

You may have noticed the awesome cover art for the March Little Village, which was embroidered and appliquéd by the talented and adorable Grace Locke Ward. Thanks to Mission Creek’s Andre Perry, Grace & I were able to attend the reception at Mark Moen’s amazing penthouse pied a terre, so that Grace could present him with the original cover work.


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The short, beautiful life of Alyssa Baye

We read the obits at our house, because we’re at the age where we find our friends and acquaintances featured there with increasing frequency. My wife asked me the other night “did you know Alyssa Baye? It says she was a music fan and liked that Dead Larry.” I didn’t know Alyssa personally. I have […]

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Photos: Les Dames Take Over Catherine's

Catherine’s has always had beautiful things in their window display. But never like THIS!! Iowa City’s own Les Dames du Burlesque got the glass all steamy with a sneak preview of their show for Mission Creek THIS WEEK!! Passersby got an eyeful as the ladies seduced Dubuque Street like enchanted mannequins come to life.  A clock […]

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Unabridged: An Interview with John Waters

Everyone has their first time with John Waters. For me, it was the summer of 1976, when I took off from my Grandmother’s house in Provo Utah, after a weird, lonely, freshman year at BYU (don’t ask) and hitchhiked around the West. I ended up–rather crazed after sleeping rough alongside Interstate 5–in Berkeley, crashing with hippie friends. My first night in town they took me to see a midnight showing of… […]

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