American Reason Web Exclusive: 2/11/11

Join hosts Matthew Sowada and Vikram Patel in this web-exclusive edition of American Reason, presented by Little Village Magazine.

In the wake of a recent Pentagon commission report, Matt and Vik discuss the modern role of women in the military, later segueing into some Don’t ask, don’t tell discussion… […]

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Your Town Now: The Month that was January 2011

Four Words Worst. Prosecution. Witness. Ever. Piano Lounge Chief Revenuer Sam Hargadine wants your tipples served with a chaser of good moral character. In recent months, Hargadine has lobbied for the non-renewal of liquor licenses to several Mike Porter-owned establishments on the grounds that Porter’s financial troubles and failure to meet city building codes demonstrated […]

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The Simple Truth of Dr. Star

I have a dodgy relationship with astrology. I was introduced to metaphysics via backwater superstition. My parents believed that one of their son’s eyes wandered because he had been “imprinted” in my mother’s womb when she was startled in a stairwell by their cross-eyed landlord early in her pregnancy. Astrology was fortunetelling, designed primarily to […]

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Iowa City: A Love Letter

For some, a single visit to Iowa City means love at first sight. For others, seeing the beauty in this town takes a little more time. In honor of issue number 100, three friends (including two long-term LV contributors) got together to talk about Iowa City, why they’re here, why they love it, and what […]

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Astrology Forecast for February 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ The gap. February is a point of departure for all of us. The past is pretty much gone. Necessity drives us forward. We can clearly sense new and encouraging opportunities. However, there is also a distinct gap between where we are now and where we need to be. We will all have […]

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