N.S.F.W: Keeping the holidays hot

NSFW Holiday Edition!

Let’s be honest: When we think of the holiday season, it’s not exactly the sexiest time of year. Family, too much rich food, “O Christmas Tree” on an endless loop, shopping crowds, snow and ice and early sunset, endless travel: It’s exhausting and stressful. Here are some tips to keep your holidays as sensual and […]

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Call for Submissions: Landlord Stories

Come one, come all!

In Iowa City, there are a few traditions we cling to: Our weekends start on Thursdays, our holiday gifts are handmade, our bartenders have advanced degrees, and every August, in sweltering heat as the confused parents of undergrads look on … we move. But the annual rites of sweltering summer house-swaps begin several months before, […]

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UR here: A traditional spice takes center stage

Cooking with Dean

As autumn segues to winter, my seasonal spice shifts, too. Since September, it’s been all about nutmeg for me, the one essential ingredient to my apple crisp (aside from Wilson’s Orchard apples, of course). But as Thanksgiving passes to Yuletide, nutmeg yields to cardamon. Oh sure, I’ll still sprinkle a little nutmeg on the old […]

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