Coping With Kink

Iowa City is often touted as an oasis of culture and liberal thought amidst an otherwise conservative Midwest, even going so far as to be named the third “gayest city” in the United States by The Advocate magazine this February. Where the otherwise cosmopolitan town falls short, however, is in its sexual culture, University of […]

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Celebrating Downtown

(With regard to: Press Citizen: Panhandling law passes first vote) Every weekend, heck, every day and every night, people get their friends together and head downtown. Why? Because downtown Iowa City is a legendary place that they’ve been hearing about for years. Their parents talked about it when they were babies. Their friends have looked […]

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Fire up the grill

Commentary: April 2010 – Springtime, when it truly arrives in earnest, is usually heralded by trees sprouting their first buds, gardeners gleefully getting their knees muddy for the first time in months, snow blowers and lawnmowers switching places in their owners’ garages, and the rich, meaty “thwap” sound that baseballs make when they land true […]

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