New Politics, New Media

August 13, second day on the job. The 12th I spent in Barack Obama’s Iowa City office, blasting his Facebook supporters with mass emails. The promotion du jour: the senator’s “Be the first to know!” text-message program, a nifty campaign to buzz cell phones “the moment Barack makes his decision” for a vice-presidential candidate. I […]

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Is the Answer Blowin' in the Wind?

On the campaign trail President-Elect Barack Obama made a commitment to revitalize the economy with green-collar jobs as part of his overall energy initiative. After he takes office on January 20, the nation will be watching to see which components of his energy initiative actually make it into legislation. And many states will be anxiously […]

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UR Here: Hope Localized

January 20 is approaching. The “hope-mongers,” as Barack Obama jokingly called himself at a Northwest Junior High campaign rally in December 2007, cling to visions of revolutionary social transformation. The hardcore liberals are shaking their heads at the President-Elect’s centrist and hawkish Cabinet appointments. To tell you the truth, I’m a little bit of both: […]

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