Protesters Gather a Day Before Obama’s Visit

One day before President Barack Obama’s visit to Iowa City, “Stand Up for Freedom” organized a Pentracrest protest in opposition to the recently passed health care reform bill. (Photos and Video)

Obama will arrive in Iowa City this afternoon to discuss the health care reform legislation at the Field House. 750 tickets were distributed to the public earlier this week, although there were several thousand requests.


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Stars Over Iowa City: March 2010

For Everyone ~ Increasing momentum. We all know things are changing. So far, the changes have been comparatively slow to take effect. We have been able to keep track and adjust smoothly, more or less. As of now, the pace of change will increase. We’ll have to change more things more quickly. A lot of it will be out of our hands. In many cases, our personal life will just have to give way. Old relationships could become more intense as we, and those close to us, make adjustments, and allowances for each other. […]

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UI Flashes Cash, Orders Bijou to Suck It

Yet another statement in support of the First Amendment and the Bijou’s right to bare skin Ah, Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark-approved day to celebrate love in all its many forms. Well, not all, if you’re the University of Iowa’s Tom Rocklin. Rocklin recently decided to cancel the Bijou Theatre’s showing of the 3-D camp porn […]

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Big Dreams

Features: February 2010 – Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us: the season of love and kisses, of hearts and flowers, of infinite romantic possibility, right? “Let’s face it,” says Angie Toomsen of Dreamwell Theater. “It’s a totally lame holiday that glosses over the true complexity of human relationships and makes people feel like crap if […]

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13th Annual Souper Bowl Raises Funds, Awareness

Visitors packed the Highlander Convention Center Thursday for the Domestic Violence Intervention Program’s (DVIP) 13th annual Souper Bowl fundraiser.

An estimated 400-600 individuals attended the event, paying $20 to be treated to live music and to sample the 42 different kinds of soup donated by local restaurants. The event affords local residents an opportunity to pitch in for the fight against domestic violence in Iowa. […]

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