Letter to the Editor Regarding John Millar's Survey Spam

We received this E-mail, from … let’s say “Concerned Citizen” — who wished to remain anonymous: Good morning, I want to offer my belated thanks to you and Bob Burton for the July 29th Your Town Now column, Here’s Looking At You, John Millar. I am deeply concerned about Millar’s lack of qualification and success, […]

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John Millar Spams Entire University with 'Survey'

You may or may not have read the Your Town column by our own Bob Burton, about the shenanigans surrounding the consulting contract awarded to John Millar’s Divaris Real Estate to do a highly dubious study of Iowa City’s downtown. Well, the other shoe is beginning to drop: all University Of Iowa students, faculty and […]

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Next Stop: Britt

In the Northwestern corner of the state, in Britt, Iowa, an annual summer festival just celebrated it’s 111th birthday. It celebrated the core values that are not just universal to summer, or to we as Iowans, but to us as Americans: our rights and our liberties, however we choose them. The 111th-Annual Hobo Convention celebrates a freedom that few will know outside of its tightly knit culture and the curious who hover close to its campfires. […]

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