Democracy in Crisis Podcast: Private prisons in the Trump era

Private prisons in the Trump era and getting (legally) stoned to cover the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), those are the topics on deck for the latest Democracy in Crisis podcast. Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo supporting the federal government’s continuing use of private prisons, rescinding an Obama administration directive […]

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Democracy in Crisis: Flynn’s transformation from ‘Water Brother’ to hardliner

Unlike Milo Yiannopoulos, who lost everything at once, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn wasn’t entirely ruined when he resigned as national security advisor on Feb. 13.

“For your information, we are not throwing Mike Flynn off the Water Brothers surf and skate team.”

That’s Sid Abruzzi, owner of the Water Brothers surf and skate shop in Newport, Rhode Island, and a grizzled old head on the scene. I called him when a line in “General Chaos,” Nicholas Schmidle’s recent New Yorker’s profile of Flynn slammed into me like Chris Miller hanging up at Del Mar in 1985. […]

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Democracy in Crisis Podcast: Immigration Crackdown

In this edition of the Democracy in Crisis Podcast, hosts Baynard Woods and Marc Steiner talk with reporter Aura Bogado about a powerful profile she wrote in Teen Vogue about 14-year-old Jackie Rayos-Garcia whose mother Guadalupe García de Rayos was detained while talking to immigration officials and deported — perhaps the first deportation under the […]

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Democracy in Crisis: Trump’s tough-on-crime agenda

President Trump met with law enforcement leaders twice last week, saw Jeff Sessions confirmed as top cop, and signed three tough-on-crime executive orders, which were then condemned by an organization composed of some of the nation’s top law enforcement officers. Here’s how Trump’s tough-on-crime week went down:  Trump met with law enforcement brass from major […]

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