Democracy in Crisis: Protestors arrested on Trump’s Inauguration Day are facing felony charges

The J20 caseis the first mass trial, beginning this week. Most of the defendants were arrested on Inauguration Day, after a protest (which the government has called a riot) resulted in several broken windows and other damage. Police officers threw more than 70 “non-lethal” grenades, sprayed dozens of canisters of pepper spray and cordoned off around 200 people in a “kettle” flanked by riot police and walls on all sides. […]

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Democracy in Crisis: What ‘War and Peace,’ umbrellas and anti-fascists tell us about the way we understand the world

Last week, a few moments before Senators Richard Burr and Mark Warner, chair and co-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee respectively, came out to present an update on their investigation into Russian attempts to interfere with the 2016 election, a man walked out carrying a large cardboard sign — not a protest sign, but the clip-arty press-conference explainers that are always terrible but expensive looking. […]

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Democracy in Crisis: Alabama’s special election and Trump’s attack on Kaepernick point to an even more racist Republican future

Last week, the populist theocratic authoritarian former Alabama chief justice Roy Moore beat Luther Strange in a special election to fulfil the rest of Jeff Sessions’ term in the Senate. Strange, who had been filling the seat, was endorsed by President Trump, even though Moore, who pulled a gun out at a rally right before the special election, is far more Trumpian than Strange. In some ways, he is even more Trumpian than Trump. Moore’s closest analogue may be fascist former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, whom the president recently pardoned. […]

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