Best of the CRANDIC 2021: Little Village staff picks

This fall, for the fourth year, Little Village readers voted in the Best of the CRANDIC survey, decorating dozens of local businesses, orgs, individuals and attractions in awards across six categories: Arts & Entertainment, Community, COVID-19, Food & Drink, Goods & Services and Health & Recreation. Democracy may have selected the winners, but Little Village […]

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Adoptable Pet of the Week: Sophisticated Nautilus, and Marengo the dog’s Cinderella story

Nautilus may be a black cat, but she’s anything but a bad omen. This petite, green-eyed girl is a gentle, calming presence at the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. She likes to sit upright and serenade humans with a beautiful chorus of meows. But when a toy crosses her path, the 1-year-old proves that she still has some kitten in her. […]

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