Exclusive track: CCR’s ‘Lodi’ covered by Brian Johannesen with David Zollo & The Body Electric

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Shortly after their move outside of Iowa City in 2015, Flat Black Studios began recording a series of covers of well-known songs. Initially, the recordings were meant to hone the studio’s acoustics and celebrate the new space, but as the months passed and the covers piled up, the project took on a life of its own.

The second song in the series (check out the first, featuring Will Whitmore and Ratings) is “Lodi” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, performed by Brian Johannesen along with Dave Zollo and The Body Electric.

Flat Black’s Luke Tweedy recalls:

I might be having a false memory on this one, but it seems like this was tracked live, and if it wasn’t the first take, it was pretty damn close. This track highlights what an incredible band The Body Electric is, and how Brian is such a tremendous artist in general. They listened to it a couple times, then went and tracked this version. The only huge tell that this is not CCR is that this version is tighter, and better played.

You can catch Johannesen perform this Saturday at Big Grove Brewery at 9 p.m. He’ll be celebrating the release of his latest album, Northern Town.

Download uncompressed track (.wav) ยป

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