Little Village Magazine Issue 138: Aug 21-Sept 3, 2013

Little Village magazine has teamed up with Layar, an augmented reality application for your Smartphone that helps print become more interactive. Simply download the free Layar app, look for the Layar logo in Little Village, and scan the page using your Smartphone. Columns, photos, and ads suddenly become interactive, giving you the chance to watch, […]

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Hot Tin Roof: Stormfront

The wind here typically comes roaring out of the northwest; from the vast, flat plains of the Dakotas. These winds originate far north of the US–Canadian border over the frigid landmass that comprises the northernmost aspect of our continent. Topology allows these winds to gain atmospheric momentum as they race unabated by land formations that could pose an impediment, serve as a deflecting buffer. Winds directly from the west have traversed the lofty heights of the Colorado Rockies and possess a mischief of their own. It is when the winds come from the south, when they carry all the moisture they have absorbed from the Gulf of Mexico and collide with the searing heat of the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma and the tabletop flatness of Kansas that they harbinge bad things to come. It is easy for anyone living in this immediate area to tell that bad things are indeed are the way. […]

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Hot Tin Roof: A place you can call home

Waves of amber hit the floor in a sweeping motion, followed by the sound of broken glass. Jerry had dropped his beer, on purpose. The bartender looked up lazily from the glass he was polishing, only to look back down again. The other patrons in the bar continued to stare into their glasses, uninterested in any interruption of their languid meditation. […]

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