Opinion: The youth vote matters

This Friday we recognize the 45th anniversary of the 26th amendment, which lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 years old, giving a voice to thousands of young people. Today, the Millennial generation — people aged 18-35 — is one of the largest voting blocs in the country, making their votes in the 2016 […]

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Letter to the Editor: Remembering The Book Shop

Iowa City

Upon arriving in Iowa City a year ago with my own library still boxed and in a distant part of the country, I ventured in search of not only a book, but also a place like my favorite booksellers of New Orleans. I thought this would be an easy task in a UNESCO City of Literature. However, the choices were few. I was not expecting to find what I sought in a little place called The Book Shop. But at the sight of its narrow passages, densely packed shelves and stacks of books, I knew the Muses were smiling upon me. I was home. […]

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Letter to the Editor: Local businesses support Conroy, Dobyns, McDonough and Payne in Nov. 3 City Council election

By Catherine Champion Downtown Iowa City is a thriving success story worth celebrating. As proud local business owners and operators, we have contributed to the growth the downtown has seen over the past five years through a modern-day partnership between business owners, landlords, city government and the University of Iowa. We are self-taxed to create […]

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Letter to the Editor: The gang of four strikes back

City Hall

By Mary Gravitt What first interested me in City Council was the Chauncey and an article published in Little Village magazine, Feb.-March 2013: “Your Town Now: The city council’s Chauncey decision is remarkably opaque” By Zach Tilly and Skaaren Cosse. Chauncey is still causing contention within the City chamber. Tilly-Cosse: To decide between the three […]

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